Acre of Mars


 Just Imagine!


Your unique certificate is presented on

luxurious parchment,

fully personalised,

and is double mounted

with a pair of contrasting

bevelled mounts of Ivory and black

 selected to perfectly compliment the

colours of your certificate,

which, of course,

is ready for framing!

Each certificate comes complete with

the precise location of your land,

its valuable mineral rights,

travel directions from Earth…


 and just wait till you see the view!


An acre of land on Mars makes a  great gift for

that someone special,

any Birthday or Anniversary

or just to say

I Love You.

It is perfect for that 'difficult to buy for' person in your life!

An acre of land on Mars is a truly galactic gift

for carbon based life-forms

of all ages fascinated by space!

The actual details of your acre of land on Mars will be sent into the heavens in a real rocket as part of a specially commissioned private digital payload. Blast off is scheduled for late 2007. All recent purchases of Martian acreage qualify for inclusion in this extraordinary journey!

Fast First Class delivery within the UK!

World-Wide shipping at galactic speeds! 




Let us know, by email, the name or dedication exactly as you want it to appear on the certificate along with the location you prefer and we will do the rest! 

Your Acre of land on Mars details sent into space for eternity!How do I get my acre of land on Mars certificate personalised?


  • Marriage, the final frontier
  • A little piece of Mars to remind you of home...
  • Here's your own little piece of the Heavens...
  • To infinity and beyond!
  • To the best Dad in the universe...
  • To my favourite Martian...

We are delighted to accommodate your request, at no extra charge.

  • I would like a Random Choice of Martian Acre

 Trendy Tourist Locations and Hot Spots;

  • Spirit Rover landing site - The Meridiani Planum
  • Opportunity landing site - The Gusev Crater
  • The ‘Face on Mars’ - Cydonia region
  • Beagle landing site
  • H.G. Wells' Martian hometown
  • View of the Mars Bar factory

 Get away from it all locations;

  • The Valles Marineris
  • The Hellas Basin
  • Tharsis Ridge
  • Syrtis Major

 A place in the mountains;

  • Tharsis Montes range - the spectacular triple volcano systeme 
  • Olympus Mons - the biggest volcano in our solar system
  • Pavonis Mons

 Buy with confidence

Over 1400 delighted customers around the World and over 2988 267 965 in seven galaxies

Voted best gift under 2389 Martian Dollars

Your certificate is presented in a luxurious double mount, (or double picture mat), of the finest quality known to mankind. This provides the professional choice when displaying valuable documents or artwork. Perfect for examining the exquisite views and fascinating detailed descriptions of your Martian acre of land. We recommend that your purchase is framed in order to achieve the maximum visual impact. We have found that a plain black certificate frame works best!

Your certificate size is 11 x 14 inches.

Terms and Conditions

This product is offered for sale as an individually personalised novelty certificate and as such refunds will be limited to replacement only. 

Each certificate carries a unique registration number that serves as your guarantee of authenticity.

Your acre of land on Mars certificate will be registered in the Galactically important tome; the Enregistrement Stellaire Universel de Fonctionnaire.

 Choose your Martian Acre from;Displaying your certificate

A whole acre of land on the

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